About Us

ACE Pipe Corp. was founded in 1993, it is expertise in high density polyethylene extrusion coated steel pipes processing which helps to provide the best anti-corrosion effect on the surface of the steel tube.

The company is committed to long-term responsibility to prevent pipeline corrosion, has acquired certified quality assurance by the world's second largest certification company SGS since 1993. The quality performance is approved by domestic gas companies, China National Petroleum and major brand gas stations continuously adopted its products.

In mid of 1996, after selection and testing more than six months by Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, ACE Pipe acquired the project: 12-inch long-distance transporting pipelines contract of Sixth Naphtha Cracker Complex and more than 1600 kilometers, this is enough to prove the implementation of the quality policy has been approved by customers.

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